Excursion plan (Sep. 7th)

Goryokaku was constructed in 1864. It is called Goryokaku because of its star shape. From the observation deck of Goryokaku Tower, which stands adjacent to Goryokaku Park, you can see not only the star shape of Goryokaku, but also a panoramic view of Hakodate city and the Tsugaru Strait.
At the end of the Edo period, it was relocated from the current Motomachi Park to Goryokaku and was dismantled after the Battle of Hakodate. A partial restoration was completed in 2010, and the interior is open to the public as a historical restoration building.
Hakodate Mountain, from which you can overlook the city of Hakodate, boasts a spectacular view created by its unique topography. It has been listed as a "superb view" with three stars in the Michelin Guide Book. The observation deck at the summit of the 334m-high mountain is popular as a spot where you can enjoy a magnificent panorama and beautiful night views.