IMPORTANT: The new date for the 12th Asia-Pacific Laser Symposium (APLS) has been decided to be at October 3-6, 2022.  We are targeting an in-person meeting.


The 12th Asia-Pacific Laser Symposium (APLS) will be held in Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we postponed the conference until 2023.  The new date will be announced soon.   We are targeting an in-person meeting. APLS has been held bi-annually in Japan, Korea, and China for academic discussions and information exchanges on laser science and technology among scientists, engineers, and students since 1998. This APLS is sponsored by the Laser Society of Japan, the Optical Society of Korea, and the Chinese Optical Society. It will cover most aspects of laser science and technology from sources to applications, including the following, but not limited to, research topics listed here.